I started this project a while back, partially to learn how to use my new Elegoo Mars 3D printer. While it isn’t a particularly high spec printer, it gets pretty good results on the miniature front though. So while combing the depths of Thingiverse, I stumbled upon the following:

A lovely set of workers for my partners favourite game: Caverna!

So after printing a couple of sets of workers, they gathered dust for a while for various reasons (such as other projects). However, I knew they’d make a lovely (although a little late) birthday present. So I went on a painting frenzy. I had colour schemes in my head already and just had to get them out, and best part? they’re not super detailed sculpts, while they have a fair bit of detail, they lack just enough that I didn’t feel pressed to do a perfect job at painting them. I figured they’d be fine without full on shading for everything, and just let them bask in their colour. And I do believe they came out better because of that mindset.

While the game can play up to 7 people, we find that 5 players is the sweet spot. Now if I were to print and paint up 2 more sets, I’d likely paint them slightly differently than these 5 sets. Where these 5 all have different skin tones (well, purple and red have the same..) and different beard colours, they’re still within the “normal” range. If I had to do 2 more sets, I’d likely go with celestial and infernal as inspiration. As I’ve used all 3 prime colours, and two secondary colours, I don’t feel like it’d be a good idea to go with the third secondary colour (cyan), as that may get a bit too close to blue. And the 7th clan would end up having to go with brown as a tertiary colour… even though brown is heavily used in all others. See? doesn’t make sense. So who knows, maybe a celestial and infernal clan may happen yet!