Preliminary artwork continues 7th of March, 2015

More preliminary artwork has been received. Although in a slightly different style; It looks good. After some discussion, our first focus is to polish them up a little and see if we can find a blend of the different styles that fits.

Preliminary artwork 28th of February, 2015

After meeting some interesting graphical designers, a short experiment has started to see what/how we can focus the graphical style of the game. Preliminary artwork looks promising!

Networking reception @ indietopia 21st of February, 2015

Yesterday evening we went to our first networking reception at Indietopia for the northern game industry in the Netherlands. We brought along some screenshots with conceptual editing and showed a development build demo featuring a map-editor and a basic single-player match. After announcing we were looking for graphical artists and sound engineers to help complete the game, our five hour demo -and talking job started. Many people were interested and enthousiastic and (un)fortunately we did not get the time to properly sit down, drink or stop talking.
So to be short, we met some people and they met us and a first glimpse of what we want to accomplish. Time to hire people from other disciplines and make this game crowdfunding ready!

The new website is live! 17th of August, 2013

The new website is finally live!
Together with the new project we decided to revamp our website. Through this website we hope to keep you up to date about our projects and what is on our minds in regards to game design and which developments in the industry we find interesting.